Delays. Urgent transports. Last-minute changes. Daily, your transport planners have to deal with many different customers, demands, agreements, drivers, and orders. And not always that structured. Often, all orders are entered in the same overview, while not all of these orders are important to all of your planners. That results in errors, distractions, and an inefficient planning process. Therefore, give your planners one single overview of the orders that are relevant for them and protect your employees from the chaos the transportation industry can be. Your TMS helps you with this.

Apply filters to order overviews

In 3PL Dynamics, you easily apply filters to list pages. This includes the overview of all incoming orders. That means you can filter on customer name and only show the orders from that specific customer. Or you filter on status and only see the orders that, for example, must still be planned.  Or, when you are responsible for all national transportation, you filter only on destinations within your country’s borders. In that way, you create a structured overview for your employees.

Save and re-use filters

When you have found the right overview, you do not want to set up the entire filter again the next time you need it. Especially when you need it quite often. Therefore, save filters and easily navigate to the list of orders that are relevant for you in the future too. In the video below, you learn how to easily apply and save filters yourself.

Planning tasks directly visible in the role center

With these filters, you can take it a step further. On the role center in 3PL Dynamics, the homepage of your TMS, these filters can be used as a basis for the information that is shown here. For example, you can directly show the correct plan department for specific users. And, you can set up tiles based on these filters to get a direct overview of the number of orders that must still be planned, are delivered today or must be shipped tomorrow. From these tiles, you can directly click through to the filtered list that hides behind the tile and continue your plan task.

More information?

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