The contract has been signed. The agreements have been made and the implementation project is about to start. Together we will work towards the same goal: a successful go-live of 3PL Dynamics at your location. Within 3 months. But what awaits you? And how can you ensure that the project runs successfully?

What can you expect from us?

Before we start the implementation at your location, our project manager already sets up a framework for the project. This framework consists of all agreements for your project. From the kick-off to the date you go live. Everything is secured. This way everyone knows what we are working towards together.

The framework is filled with functional content by the consultant. The consultant enters into discussions with the key users to map out the processes together. The consultant sets up the environment on the basis of this information. All your processes are processed in 3PL Dynamics. So you can continue to work as you are used to, but faster and more efficiently.

Your role in your success

To guarantee your go-live within 3 months, the key user plays the leading role. It is important to have the right team at the table, so that we can take steps together quickly. The key users are the key players in the entire process. They determine the success of the project!

Achieving this success requires the right mindset and a healthy dose of enthusiasm – supplemented with process knowledge. But it is precisely for the key users that internal conditions must be properly arranged. It is important to be released from normal work, to have good project space for isolation and focus, and to be allowed to make choices in the process. In other words: full support from the organization to make the project a success.

Tip from our project manager: Are you a key user within the implementation project? Get on the floor! Have a chat with all colleagues. Do they have the same picture of the processes that are now on paper?

Are you ready for it?

There are already 250+ customers live. We have also learned lessons from this. And we are happy to deploy these to you. Do you want to know more? Mail to, we are ready for you.