A milestone for Boltrics’ integration team and DataHub platform: the first successful declaration with the USCBP (United States Customs and Border Protection) is completed. That means that we can officially state that 3PL Dynamics is capable of integrating with the US Customs. A major achievement!

New MQ connection and no international data transfer

Together with PL Solutions, Boltrics’ partner in Canada and the US, we worked hard to realize this first connection. However, that did not go without any challenges. For example, the United States Customs has specific demands for the integration. To meet these, Boltrics realized the possibility to create an MQ connection (IBM server connection channel) via DataHub. Furthermore, the data of the USCBP was not allowed to cross borders.

Now however, with the realization of the customs integration with the United States, 3PL Dynamics expands the possibilities for logistics service providers that do business with the US. An integration with the USCBP is now off-the-shelf available.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about the integration with the USCBP? Or do you want to set up an integration via Boltrics’ DataHub platform? Mail to marketing@boltrics.nl