Stacks of papers on your desk. Entire departments busy typing over information into the computer, day in and day out. These are situations that we cannot imagine anymore. Logistic processes have become a lot more efficient. Or at least, we think so. In practice, processing incoming documents still takes up an enormous amount of time. Each day, you receive a truckload of invoices, order confirmations or shipping documents. All of which you must process in your system. With the renewed Document Capture module, you save time and prevent your employees from having to type in all documents manually into your software.

OCR at the basis of document recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the recognition of text and translation of it into digital data. Many companies rely on this technique to transfer all kinds of analogue data into digital information. However, the problem is that many applications cannot interpret the relationship between data. In addition, characters are often misunderstood. For example, think of an O and 0 (zero), or an I and 1. And if the document is not put on the scanner correctly, the problems are incalculable. This results in unstructured data which is useless to computer systems. Too often, it then still requires manual actions to come to useful data. And that takes time.

OCR arose at the dawn of the first World War. Physicist Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that could translate single characters on paper to signals for the telegraph. Back in the day, many companies used microfilm to save documents compactly. However, finding these documents again was a challenge. Goldberg used a photocell and a film projector to recognize these microfilm patterns. This is now known as one of the basics of the modern OCR. 

Technological developments open doors to new functions

Now, in 2022, technological developments are going fast. The result? By combining technologies such as Deep Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can bring OCR to a whole new level. A level that offers possibilities for your processes. Among other things, the number of errors when recognizing documents is almost completely gone. And you can process endless types of documents you want to recover data from. Therefore, this technique is now used in Boltrics’ renewed Document Capture module.

Process documents automatically via DataHub

Boltrics’ integration platform DataHub was originally designed to process structured data files as EDIFACT, XML, or JSON. However, with all the developments in OCR, DataHub now has the ability to translate all thinkable documents to structured data with Document Capture. And directly process this data in 3PL Dynamics. From a PDF file to text in an e-mail or a picture with text on it.

Stop manually typing in invoices

By automatically processing documents you save time. Without a doubt. For example, you receive an invoice from your supplier. Your employees must process this document. In practice, this almost always results in your employee manually typing in the information on the invoice. Or with a bit of luck, by copying and pasting the data. When processing the invoice via DataHub, you would only require a visual check at the most before booking the invoice. Then, you only have to focus on the exceptions, while the biggest part is automatically processed correctly. Calculate how much time that would save you on processing invoices alone. 

Most smart OCRs can process 80% of the invoices correctly. Your employee works 20% of his time on these invoices. However, the 20% of the invoices that are more complex take up 80% of his time.

Let’s say your employee needs 2,5 days to process all invoices. Then, he would save over a day when half of these complex invoices are also processed automatically. Challenge our document capture module. And experience how much time you can save.

More information?

With the renewed Document Capture module, you use the power of OCR in your own software. You do not have to worry about difficult integration routines, but you work with one integrated solution that acts on all parts of your software. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of the new Document Capture module? Or do you want to know how you can save time in your organization by automating processes with DataHub? Mail to We gladly help you to the next level.