In your logistic activities, you mail or print a lot. For example, you send invoices to your customers on a daily basis, you regularly share inventory reports, and your employees send many documents to one of your printers. 3PL Dynamics uses ‘document handling’ to automize these activities and send reports to your customers or printers. However, what do you do when it does not seem to work? And the customer does not receive an email? In this blog, we help you find and fix the issue in no time.

What does document handling in 3PL Dynamics mean?

With document handling, you automatically send reports or documents to your customers or printers. This can be triggered by different events. The most common trigger is posting an invoice or receipt. How the document is handled can be set up per contract. And once it is set up, you do not have to worry about it anymore.

3 possible solutions for your error

Does your customer not receive any emails? Or are documents not printed automatically? Then there is an error in your process. Chances are that with one of the three solutions below, you are quickly on your way again.

1. Job queues 2 and 3 are not active.

Do none of your customers receive a message? Job queues 2 and 3 may be inactive. If the status of the queue is ‘On hold’ or ‘Error’, then you must restart the job queue. Is the status ‘Ready’, but is the starting date in the past? Then you must restart the job queue as well. In that case, you first click on ‘set on hold’ and then on ‘set to Ready’.

2. Error on the document handling entries

When the job queues are all ‘Ready’, we have to look closer at the issue. This you can do in the Document Handling Entries. First, check if all entries are created. If not? Then go immediately to step 3.

Is the handling entry created, but is it still on ‘New’? Then first check the trigger schedule on which the document handling entry is on. Go to the Document handling – schedule list. It sometimes happens that it is stuck while processing. By reactivating the entry, the process will continue.

When the entry gives an error, then the problem often leads itself. For example, the error ‘email template does not exist’ states that the incorrect email template is selected at the Document handling – Setup.

3. Error on a contact

When the error only seems to occur on a specific contact, the cause can be found in Document handling – Setup. Click on the document handling that gives an error and click on ‘Per contact’. Here, you find all the customers that should receive a message. Here you can for example check or change the email address.

If the document handling does not work for one contact, you can compare the setup with a working contact here as well. Often, you recognize the error quickly.

Many errors refer to a field in the Document handling – Setup. For example: ‘letterhead code not recognized. In this case, check the relating field and you just might see a divergence.

Need support?

Do you still need help solving the error after following these steps? No worries! Enter a ticket via our customer portal, including a clear scenario, and we contact you as quickly as possible.