Do you want to create users yourself? And determine who can log in to Business Central? You can! When new people come on board, or there is a change within the teams, it is convenient to be able to create or adjust users yourself. In this blog we dive into the licenses and users. Includes a step-by-step so you can get started right away.

Before you get started

Before you start creating and/or modifying users, there are a few important points you should know. Firstly, it is determined by the users purchased at Boltrics how many licenses you can assign. These licenses are made available in your tenant in the Microsoft Admin Center. You can then assign the purchased licenses to the user(s).
Are you a new customer? Then we help you with this during your implementation project!
It is also important to know that the license is only available once we, Boltrics, have made the license available. Finally, not everyone can create and/or edit a user. Only your company’s Microsoft 365 administrator can do this.

Types of product licences

The product license assigned to the user depends on the work that the user will do in Business Central.
There are two different types of licenses you can assign:

  • Business Central Essential: This license is assigned to users who require full access to Business Central.
  • Business Central Teamlid: This license is assigned to users who only need limited access to Business Central. This mainly concerns reading rights and the ability to edit a number of tables.

Once you have determined which license to add to the user, you can start assigning it. We have developed a step-by-step for this. In this step-by-step you can read exactly which steps you need to take, and in which order.

Checklist for a new user:
– Has the user been added in the Admin Center?
– Has the correct licecense been assigned to the user?
– Is the user synced with Business Central 365?
– Is the user enabled and has the authentication email been filled in?
– Has the correct permission set been assigned?

If you can answer “yes” to all the above questions, the user must be able to log in.

Need any help?

If you are in a new implementation process and you can’t figure it out, please contact the consultant.

Are you an existing customer and the step-by-step plan does not work? Via the Boltrics Academy you can follow this eLearning, or you can submit a request.

Are you managing your customer’s IT processes and can’t figure it out? Please contact the key user within the company, who can help you further.