Being successful in logistics means much more than just taking care of customers’ logistic activities. As a logistics service provider, you know that all too well. You are continuously innovating to stay ahead of the competition and to make your processes even more efficient. You move forward. Just like the technology your logistic processes rely on. That is why it is no surprise that software running on the Microsoft SaaS is on the rise. A development that the Boltrics peloton follows. Therefore, we help you successfully move from your On-Prem or Boltrics cloud environment to the Microsoft SaaS in three phases. In that way, you can move forward again.

Why Microsoft SaaS?

Besides an On-prem or a Boltrics Cloud (IaaS) solution, there is a third option: the Microsoft Cloud (SaaS). Then, the server your software runs on is completely managed by Microsoft. With all additional advantages. Among other things, your software is more secured against data breaches, you do not have to hire experts to manage your cloud environment, there are more integration possibilities, and you are up-to-date quicker. Reason enough to make the move.

Phase 1: preparation

Good preparation makes or breaks a successful go-live. Therefore, we give extra attention to this in the first phase. During the preparation, we look at your current situation together. What integrations do you have? How are your access rights set up? And what is the state of your database? During these preparational meetings, we can (for example) decide to clean up your database with the help of a functional consultant. Or to migrate the database empty.

Furthermore, we discuss what actions you must take. For example, you must create an AzureAD with the correct rights. And, we discuss the planning. In that way, all parties know what is expected, and the route to that successful go-live is clear.

Phase 2: Testing

Testing your Microsoft Cloud solution works slightly differently than usual. When moving from an On-premise or Boltrics Cloud environment, we ‘sync’ your new production environment in the Microsoft SaaS. However, you will not be working in that environment. Boltrics will set up a copy as a test environment. This, you are used to, thanks to previous updates.

During the test phase, we ask you to test all your activities once. Besides your primary process, remember to test your print activities, data integrations, mail processes, and file storage. Do you run into issues? Or do you need advice when testing? Then, you can rely on our consultant to answer your questions.

Making sure you do not miss anything? Test the following processes and tick the boxes:

  • – Your entire primary process, including scan processes. 
  • – Emailing in the Microsoft Cloud. Read how to set up your mail activities here.
  • – Data integrations via DataHub or any other integrations*
  • – Printing in your Microsoft Cloud solution
  • – File storage, as files are not stored locally anymore

*Do you use DataHub? Then, Boltrics makes sure your integrations work with OAuth2. For other integrations, you have to set it up yourself.

Phase 3: Go-live

The moment you and your team have been waiting for: the go-live with your new SaaS solution. Because SaaS updates take place monthly, it is important you go live in a period there is no update planned. Otherwise, you would go live on a version you have not tested yet. And that may result in unexpected issues. This is already discussed during the preparation phase so that you do not have to worry about it when going live.


After go-live, you can rely on the support you are familiar with after an update. Our consultants are there to help your key users with any issues caused by the update. When the first update is behind you, you can expect fewer issues after future Dynamics updates. You will have to spend less time on testing too. Because your new software environment updates monthly, the impact per update will be much less for your daily operation.

Make your current On-prem or Boltrics Cloud solution future-proof

Do you want to move your environment to the Microsoft SaaS? Then we gladly take you through all the phases step by step. In that way, we rule out surprises and you are ready for the future. Are you interested? Mail to

Tips from practice:

  • – Only focus on the update. Do not try to add new functionalities or implement new modules during the update. Only then, you can (always) rely on our support department to help you solve issues.
  • – Do you face challenges? Share your concerns. In that way, Boltrics can help think about the solution in an early phase.
  • – Do not think lightly about this transition. Invest time to test. From experience, we know that testing thoroughly leads to a good result.
  • – Do you already know that you will update in a couple of months? Start preparations by mapping out your integrations.