Technological developments do not stand still. Microsoft Business Central is also developing at lightning speed. Earlier we shared the biggest changes of the latest version of 3PL Dynamics. One of these changes is an extension of the e-mail functionality. In this blog we explain what this change means for you, and how you can get started with it right away.

New e-mail functionality from v20

With the arrival of the new version, Microsoft has also introduced a more extensive e-mail functionality. The well-known SMTP Mail Setup is now obsolete. Instead, an email can now be sent using different connectors. To ensure that this is also possible from 3PL Dynamics, the email functionality has recently been revised. The biggest difference? With the new way of sending e-mails, it is mandatory that an Email Account exists to send the e-mail from.

During this review, we took the opportunity to also improve the way sender addresses are determined. To make this more transparent, ‘Email Scenarios’ are available from v20.0.0. A scenario can be associated with a sender account, a default CC recipient, and a default BCC recipient.

How can you set up an e-mail scenario?

To set up an e-mail scenario, go through the following steps.


The sequence determines the order in which the different e-mail scenarios are evaluated. The scenario with the lowest sequence is evaluated first. All scenarios run in that order until a suitable scenario is found.


Multiple lines can be linked to an e-mail scenario. If all criteria of one of the lines meet, then the scenario meets. In this way, for example, a scenario can be used for both unbooked and booked results. It is also possible to indicate the ‘Source Feature’ on a line. In this way, other scenarios can currently be applied for the document handling centers.

Criteria Types

Multiple criteria types can be linked to each line. These criteria types ultimately define when a line does or does not meet. All types are evaluated separately. And all types must comply to ensure that the email scenario is used. At the moment, criteria can be drawn up on the basis of Email Templates, Order Types, Users and User Groups. It is also possible to use a table filter as criteria. And it is possible to provision a function set that must be fulfilled.

In 3PL Dynamics you can also set up a sender address for some steps and status functions. From v20 onwards, an Email Account must also exist for these sender addresses in order to be able to send an email from those addresses.

Discover the possibilities

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