The wind of change is also raging at customs. You are currently submitting your customs declaration via AGS and/or GPA/SPA. However, Customs Netherlands recently started replacing the current system. The new system will be Customs Declarations Management System, abbreviated DMS. This migration has quite a few feet in the ground, but what does it ultimately mean for you? In this blog we list for you what these changes mean, and how Boltrics can help you move forward.

Transfer to another system

The reason for transferring is simple. The new system is necessary to keep up with the new legislation and regulations within the European Union.
In the new DMS system, the technical description and associated process flow for message traffic for the submitters of declarations are included in Message Implementation Guidelines (MIG). These guidelines are based on the new EU legislation.

The 5 changes in a row

  1. The dataset of the declaration changes. Where this was first done via AGS, this will now be done via DMS in accordance with the updated EU legislation.
  2. New functionality: the processing of audit findings.
    This means that Customs no longer corrects the declaration. The declarant must submit improvements himself via DMS. As soon as the corrected declaration has been fully processed by Customs, the goods are released.
  3. Permit holders Registration in the Administration of the Declarant (IIAA) are also switching to DMS. These will start from early next year. This means that their supplemental Automated Periodic Declaration (GPA) and Written Periodic Declaration (SPA) expire.
  4. There will be a so-called chain scheme for IIAA license holders. This was previously included in the GPA. The so-called audit file stock will now be used to exchange control information.
  5. Declaration through Venue is still possible until 31 December 2022. After that, declarants must switch to DMS or DECO for e-commerce declarations.

The route of the transfer

The transfer has already started! The switch to DMS takes place in several phases. For declarants/submitters who only use AGS, the deadline of January 1, 2023 for their declaration in DMS applies.
When you use AGS and GPA/SPA, the deadline is July 1, 2023. This way you can switch to DMS in one go, and you avoid having to keep up with two different data structures. Would you like to get acquainted with DMS sooner? Which can! You can also choose to switch from AGS to DMS earlier, and later from GPA/SPA to DMS.
In collaboration with Customs, a postponement is possible until 1 July 2023 for GPA and SPA license holders.

The transfer for you

You are switching to DMS. This means that your business processes must be adapted to the new system, also taking into account the changed processing of control connections.
If you previously filed your tax return once a month, this now changes to a daily task. This also applies to declarations during the weekend. Account must also be taken of any delay that may occur in the approval of customs, as feedback on the declaration.
The pressure of the renewed, daily system becomes a new challenge. Can your logistics process already handle this change?

We can help you on your way

In the Netherlands, the declaration process with customs is fully automated. Our customs software works seamlessly (via EDI) with the systems of the Dutch customs and other authorities. This way you can make customs declarations quickly and easily.
By integrating customs processes, you speed up the declaration process considerably. All relevant customs data for the goods are completed from the system – full integration prevents double entry and speeds up your process. In addition, it is possible to build in customs technical controls at strategic points in the activities, so that all departments work together efficiently according to the compliance regulations of the customs.

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