The Italian NuBeTech recently joined Boltrics’ reseller network to help logistics companies accelerate their logistics processes with future-proof, modular software. Together, they enter the Italian logistics market with the 3PL Dynamics solution from Boltrics.

As the leading software provider for 3PL and cold chain logistics, Boltrics supports over 250 logistics
companies around the globe with the industry standard. Working with partners with a local presence
– like NuBeTech – are essential in this success. Together with its international network of partners in
18 countries, Boltrics builds the branch standard for the logistics sector.

Without a doubt, every country has its own culture and customs. To break through language barriers
and cultural differences and support customers in the best possible way, Boltrics works with
international resellers. By partnering with NuBeTech, the Italian logistics sector can benefit from the
industry-specific functionalities that have already been developed by Boltrics. Their first
implementation already started with the #1 worldwide in cold logistics: Lineage Logistics.

Ezio Alboni, President at NuBeTech: “With e-commerce as the engine, the Italian logistics market is
rapidly evolving. Yet, at the same, there is a shortage of skilled staff and an increasing need for
storage space. Pushing the need for a streamlined process that eliminates manual actions as much as
possible and gives insight into the available space. Boosting the need for a future-proof solution. In
our experience, the Italian market doesn’t offer a solution that meets the IT need of logistics

With our knowledge of the Italian market combined with Boltrics’ high-end software solution for 3PL
service providers, we can effortlessly support the needs and requirements of logistics service

Jan-Cornell van Ekris, Managing Director at Boltrics: “Greater results can be achieved when joining
forces. A principle that is embedded in how we work with our customers, our team, and our
partners. Speaking the same language is necessary. Be it the language of logistics or the actual local
spoken language. Thanks to the worldwide network of Microsoft, we had the pleasure to be
introduced to NuBeTech. Their business DNA fits perfectly with Boltrics’ promises and we’re
convinced they can represent the logistics branch standard perfectly in Italy.”