The logistics industry is constantly moving forward. The needs of your (new) customers change continuously. Your customer demands more storage space. Or after closing a new deal, the new customer asks you to add completely new logistic activities to your services. In these cases, your organization needs to be flexible enough to cope with these changes. The same goes for the digital systems you use to support your processes. Your software. So, how can your software support all your logistic activities? And, at the same time, follow the latest technological developments and customer demands? We help you on your way with four questions you must pay attention to in search of the perfect match.

What functionalities do you need?

Changes in the industry and rapid technological developments set a high bar for a matching software solution. Extremely high. As a logistics service provider, you trust your systems to support your core business daily. It gives you the necessary basis to operate in the logistics market. A very wide logistics market. For example, your system must be able to manage the warehouse in which you store foods. However, it also has to check the batch numbers on ADR goods, guarantee track & trace, declare imported goods via customs, book ocean containers, arrange transports, keep track of incidents, assign order pickers, and communicate with other systems. In other words, one hell of a job.

Quickly introduce new customers

When there are many functionalities already available in the software package, this makes it easier to quickly add new customers to your customer base. Do they deal with goods that do not fit into your current process, then you can pick them up in no time. Therefore, think ahead in your search for a new software solution. Do not only look at the solution that supports you in the sprint with your current customers but also find possibilities to stay ahead during the marathon.

How self-reliant are you?

A big challenge for logistics service providers is to adapt flexibly and quickly. The potential to introduce a new customer is often blocked by the software provider – after the question above, not by the software itself! Therefore, focus on an application in which you are agile. And in which your employees can make (small) changes in the processes themselves. When your key users are knowledgeable, they should be able to do (little) optimizations themselves. So, find possibilities to train them. Start searching for these possibilities already before you have implemented a new software solution. Because eventually, the knowledge of your key users is the key to success.

Is your software well protected?

Security of your systems is crucial. As a logistics service provider, you register many transactions every day. Each movement of a pallet that is confirmed by your warehouse employee via his RF-scanner is registered. Every status update, every label print, and every order confirmation. It is possible over a hundred users are active on the server at the same time. Therefore, the system must be efficient, stable, and very well secured. Loss of data means the loss of credibility. Or even a complete standstill of your operation. And you do want to prevent that.

Will you be ahead of the competition 10 years from now?

In the future, the possibility to integrate innovative technology with your software will be more and more important. Furthermore, each day, more systems are integrated. And this must happen safely and reliably as well. Think for example of the rise of the API, which you cannot miss out on. Even today, innovations are widely used in the logistic world. For example, order pick methods as Voice Picking and Bick By Light are already often used in logistics. Also, automation in warehouses is seen more. With full auto stores or high-bay cranes and robots in the warehouse process as a result. Then, the question rises if your software is capable of adopting these innovations into your system. After which you can apply these to your processes, making sure to provide your customers with even more efficient services.

The complete branch solution for logistics service providers

Are you at a crossroads in choosing a new software system? Take your time to investigate thoroughly what you need. And more importantly: how you can excel in the future with a strong foundation beneath your feet. 3PL Dynamics is a functionally complete system, specifically for the logistics industry. A system that meets all the demands to stay successful in the future. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities in our WMS, TMS, or FMS? Mail to