Fixed Time, Fixed Price. In other words, live in three months for an earlier discussed price. Boltrics does that promise. And I hear you thinking; ‘live in three months, isn’t that short?’ Yes, it is! It is an ambitious goal in which both Boltrics as you as a customer must put in a lot of energy. From the sound of the starting gun, it is full speed ahead. In small sprints, you aim for the finish. So, how do we make sure you cross the finish line cheering? And that you do not stumble after the first hurdle? In this blog, we help you towards a successful implementation.

Short sprints win the marathon

At Boltrics we do things slightly differently. Therefore, you do not only choose a new system. You choose a philosophy. A way of working. Also during the implementation. Boltrics takes on these projects with the help of the SCRUM method. Short sprints to a bigger goal. In that way, we can adjust quickly and get closer to that goal on the horizon: a successful go-live.

The starting gun

To accelerate in the first meters, it is important to shoot from the starting blocks quickly. That starts with the introduction. During this first meeting, your project team does not only meet Boltrics’ project manager in real life. You also discuss the way to go. You walk through the different phases and speak out expectations to one another. Information that is needed for a strong foundation of the project. Make sure to bring the right people to the table. For example, the key user is essential in your processes. He knows your operation through and through. And he possesses important information about the project. Bring this key user to the introduction. Because the sooner this information is on the table, the better.

The workshop

After the introduction, you go more into the depths: the workshop. During this session, your key users will share substantive information. What customers do you work for? How are your processes set up? What locations do you use? And many more questions will be answered. Therefore, make sure you have this information on forehand. In that way, you will fly through it. Furthermore, discuss when your people are available. Including the employees on the floor. An implementation is intense. Make sure to provide the time and space in your operation.

During the workshop, think about the means you physically need to support your processes. Do you already have all the hardware needed? Or when must you order this, to make sure you can use it during the implementation phase. Start thinking about it now!

The first hurdles

The workshop is the basis for the preparing phase. During this period, the consultant works towards the next checkpoint on the path to a successful implementation: Simulation 1. The consultant then presents the pre-configuration based on the information from the workshop. During this phase, be available for questions. These questions may come suddenly. Make sure that you respond quickly and you do not slow down your implementation. Don’t you hear anything from your consultant? No reason to panic! Even then he is working hard to configure all your processes. In the meantime, you can dive into your new solution via multiple courses.

After SIM1, we work towards Simulation 2. The next hurdle. During the implementation phase, you work together intensively with the consultant on project days. It is important that you work structurally, focused, and together. Deliver intermediate products, test directly, provide feedback, and so on. Reserve time for testing. And, use the end-users in this process. Eventually, they are the ones that have to work with the new solution on a daily basis.

Speed up towards the finish

Simulation 2 is a big deal. It is a new checkpoint. In SIM 2, your key users show they are skilled to work with the new solution. They show that they know their way in the software and they can support their processes. With success of course! After that, we work towards the go-live. Boltrics solves the last issues and your key users train the end-users. When doing so, focus on individual attention. The system works. Now, your people must know how to use it. How do you prepare them? How do you manage expectations? And how do you handle the time pressure in your organization? Focus on your employees. They have to be successful too.

Cross the finish line cheering

The essential checkpoint is SIM 2. Have you passed it? Then, you can move towards the go-live in a straight line. However, you still have to cross this finish line. ‘To finish first, you first have to finish.’ Important during such a go-live is planning. Plan the go-live tactically. Do you have e-fulfillment activities? Then you do not plan the go-live of your new software on Black Friday. And do not plan a go-live when you just introduced a new article flow in your warehouse.

When going live, without a doubt, you will come across issues you have not seen before. No worries! During go-live, Boltrics offers the capacity to solve these problems as quickly as possible. We bring you as close as possible to the finish line. The consultant, who configured your system, is stand-by to solve issues as efficiently as possible. In that way, you can cross the finish with your arms up. We did it!

More information?

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