Capacity shortage. By far one of your biggest challenges as we speak. Space, materials, and especially people – they are scarce. That results in increasing prices and great pressure on your business – and it does not seem to end any time soon. In other words, it is up to you to deal with these shortages. To overcome this challenge. To do so, working efficiently is a must. Because, the smarter you set up your process, the more work you can do with the same number of people. Therefore, give your customers the possibility to make changes in your logistics software solution themselves. In that way, you relieve your employees at the office, and you meet the self-service demands of  your customers.

Combine Boltrics’ App Platform with your web portal for a strong tool

As a customer of Boltrics, without a doubt, you are familiar with the App Platform. And the possibilities of this platform. Often you use the App Platform as a scanner in your warehouse. Or to add photos of goods to the correct order in your system. Or as a POD app for your drivers. However, thanks to the flexibility of the screens, the possibilities are endless. And, in combination with your web portal, you have a powerful tool at your disposal.

Have customers enter data in 3PL Dynamics themselves

Standardly, the web portal is read-only. In other words, it is only meant to retrieve data. However, in combination with your App Platform, you can make customers change data in your 3PL dynamics environment. With the help of configurable workflows. For example, your customers can create orders or reserve timeslots. Furthermore, they may be able to change statuses or put certain articles ‘on hold’. All without having to disturb your employees, and without double data in your system.

Link the App Platform to your web portal in 6 steps

As for your scan screens, you can set up the link between your App Platform and web portal yourself. You can immediately get started. In the video below, we show you how to change data in your system via the linked web portal screens in 3PL Dynamics.

In the example above, we show you a simple adjustment. With the help of screens from the App Platform, you can set up complete workflows here too.

Discover the possibilities

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of the App Platform in combination with your web portal? Or do you need help setting up these screens for your customer? Let us know! Our consultants gladly help you out.