Thanks to updates, you can use the latest technological possibilities in your daily activities. On your smartphone, Windows laptop… and in your logistics software solution. However, updating these systems always comes on top of your usual workload. Therefore, it makes sense this process must go as efficiently as possible. Without obstacles on the way. At Boltrics, we share this opinion. That is one of the reasons why we recently introduced Boltrics 3PL Dynamics Release Management. Now, it is up to you to claim your spot in this release process. Pick your moment to update. In that way, you will not face any surprises and we bring you to the newest version together.

In part one of this blog, we introduced Boltrics’ new release policy: 3PL Dynamics Release Management. Do you want to learn more about the process towards this policy? Read it in part one here.

3PL Dynamics Release Management

Microsoft brings out a major release twice a year. Also known as version 19, version 20, etcetera. In addition, Microsoft also publishes two minor releases a year of those versions. Smaller updates. In Boltrics’ release management, a distinction is made in the type of environment and number of updates. The main reason for this separation is the lead time needed to install the updates. You can imagine that for Microsoft SaaS and Boltrics Cloud, almost all processes can be automated. That shortens the lead time big time. With an on-premise environment, it can take the developer up to multiple days to reach the server. For example due to portals that are not open (yet) or the speed of your servers.

Therefore, Boltrics chooses to release one major release a year for on-premise customers. To publish two major releases for Boltrics Cloud customers. And to update Microsoft SaaS customers monthly, including two major releases and two minor releases from Microsoft.

Choose the best time to update yourself

A successful update cannot go without the effort from you as a customer. An update is team work. Therefore, we ask you and all other customers to communicate the working hours of your operation. Together with a preferred day to update. In other words, at what time do you prefer to update? And on what day of the week? Based on that input, a final yearly planning will be made and be communicated. In that way, you can standardize your test activities during a period that works for you. And Boltrics guarantees the capacity you need to successfully go live with the newest version.

Make sure your operation does not experience any trouble during the periodic updates by filling in the information via

Developments in the future

Besides the new release policy, we as Boltrics are working hard to provide customers with insights about the newest possibilities of the software after an update. Now, you can discover new functionalities in our blogs. Or via the training What’s New What’s Next. But we are finding out how to share release notes with you as a customer. However, we face some technical challenges here. Because how can we clearly communicate what changes our developers have made. Monthly, around 1500 code changes (commits) are made. That means that we will have to communicate around 10.000 commits when you update twice a year. Internally, we are busy finding ways to do so. We hope to share the first release notes in version 21 or 22 of Microsoft.

More information?

Do you want to know more about 3PL Dynamics Release Management? Or do you have questions about sharing your operating hours and preferred day? Mail to Together we take the first steps towards a successful update process.