In the past two years, the standards in the logistics industry twisted completely. Mainly due to the consequences of Covid. On the one hand, some companies benefited from the growing customer requests. Yet, there are also business that have seen their activities drop by 90%. To handle these quickly changing factors, flexibility of your systems is of great importance. Only then, you can truly take the opportunities in the logistics industry.

Ecommerce is booming

The rise of e-commerce cannot be left unmentioned. As Boltrics, we have added many different customers in e-fulfillment during the past period. These logistic players have different needs compared to traditional enterprises. Therefore, the branch standard also expanded with functionalities in this specific industry. Functionalities from which you can benefit. For example, do you add value for your customer by shipping compound articles from your warehouse? Then, read how 3PL Dynamics can help you do so successfully.

Compound articles

This functionality is designed for e-fulfillers. However, it may come in handy in your traditional processes as well. Nowadays, consumers can buy bundles of articles via web shops. Think, for example, of a starter kit to play tennis. Containing a tennis racket and tennis balls. The consumer does not order both articles separately. He selects the starter kit as one item in the web shop of your customer.

The logistics service provider to serve

The consumer ordered the tennis kit, and the order enters your 3PL Dynamics system. Now, the order is automatically allocated with the help of status templates. The original kit is split up. And new documents lines are created for every separate article in the recipe of the tennis starter kit. In that way, the order is not sent to the warehouse. Instead, your warehouse employees find a clear order they can work with. The order picker gathers the articles, packs them, and sends them to the consumer. Sounds easy, right? But how do you set this up?

Work with compound articles in 3PL Dynamics

With compound articles, you can easily support his VAL activity. Your software system automatically splits the order to customer items your order pickers are familiar with. In that way, they pick different articles, but you only ship one compound article. The tennis starter kit.

In the video below, we demonstrate how this works in 3PL Dynamics.

Game. Set. Match.

Whether your customer sells a tennis starter kit, a mobile phone including charger and headphones, or another product consisting of multiple items. With compound articles, you have this VAL process under control in no time. Do you want to know more? Or do you need help setting up this functionality in your process? Contact us via our customer portal. We’ll gladly help you win the game.