Printing in your warehouse. You cannot do business without it. Even in the digital world we live in, you regularly print documents – though you do not have to print every document multiple times. However, when you print something, being a label or order, it is preferred that the piece of paper rolls out the correct printer. Only in that way, you can quickly and efficiently continue your process. And, offer the quality your customers are used to. To do so, make sure you set up your printers correctly with user printer selections. In this blog, we help you on your way. We show you how to set up the correct printers for (among others) a receipt or shipment order.

Before you start, the printer selections must be switched to user printer selections. After that, you must delete the printer selections.

Set up user printer selections on different levels

To prevent your employees from running all over the warehouse to get their printed documents, you use user printer selections. With these, you can for example capture that specific reports are always printed on the same printer. Or, that specific users always send their documents to a certain printer. These print activities can be set up on three different levels: report, user, or report and user. In the image below, you see an example of all three levels.

Set up printers on report level

When you set up a printer on report level, specific reports are sent to a certain printer you set up here. Standardly. To do so, you use the fields Report ID, Type, Code, and Printer Name. With a configuration like in the image above, the report 11154664 (Warehouse – Proforma Receipt) standardly rolls out Printer 4.

Set up printers on user level

Do you set up printers on user level? Then a specific user always prints on the same machine. Regardless of the report type. With this setup, you need User ID, Type, Code, and Printer Name. As you can see in the image above, all unspecified reports from user ‘Boltrics’ are printed from Printer 3. Note: the line with User ID comes above a line without User ID.

Set up printers on user/report level

When setting up printers on both user and report level, the fields User ID, Report ID, Type, Code, and Printer Name are needed. In this example, user ‘Boltrics’ prints this specific report on the setup printer. Note: this selection comes above the user and report.

Furthermore, you can set up multiple lines of user printer selections. Via the column Sorting Order, you then determine the order of printers in case of similar setups. For example in the image above, you can fill in 1 or 2 under the Sorting Order. Now, when this report is printed, you will have to make a choice between the two printers.

Trigger printers via a status change

Of course, you can print documents manually. However, you can also choose to trigger print assignments as a result of a status change. This is done via a status function: function 92. In the videos below, you see two different ways to set up this function. One with a pop-up when multiple printers are selected, and one with print assignments on the background with fixed users.

Note: There are more ways to apply function 92 into your process.

The parameters below are used for setting up function 92:

ReportID = Report No. of the report that is printed.

Number = Number of pages.

Type = Fill with 3 (Web-Service).

Code = Fill with SND-PDF.

Run in Background = Fill in with a value. For example, 1.             
The status function will be executed in a separate session. The current session will continue with the status change.

Userprintername = for SND-PDF, always fill with 1.
Make sure the printer name is inserted in the SND-PDF message.  

Mustexists = Fill with 1.
The user printer selection must exist.

Setprinter = Fill with printer name.
Add printer name that must always be used.

Useridcode = User-ID
Apply the user printer selection of a fixed user. Otherwise, the selection is executed with the user that changes the status.

Onlyifwhseact = Fill with 1.
Only if there are warehouse activities.

Printerselectionpopup = Fill with 1.
If multiple printers are found, a pop-up is shown. Note: this cannot be combnied with Runinbackground.

Onlycondactive = Fill with condition value.
Only execute when certain conditions are present on the document header.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about the user printer selections? Or do you need help setting up function 92? Contact us via the customer portal; our colleagues are ready to help you.