Flexibility, data, speed. Your customers expect more and more from your services. And it is your task to meet those expectations. Simply bringing a carrier from A to B or storing articles in your warehouse is not enough anymore. Instead, customers want to have control over their own processes. They want to rely less on calls with your support team and are searching for more self-service options to take care of their logistics activities. Not an easy job. Especially without a software system that is capable of supporting you in this. With the web portal in 3PL Dynamics, you can meet these customer demands. From sending in orders themselves, to booking a timeslot to load at one of your docks. We walk you through the possibilities.

Enter orders directly

The first, and maybe most used functionality of a customer portal, is sending in orders. Therefore, via the web portal in 3PL Dynamics, your customers can easily send receipts or communicate shipments. When your customer does his order entry via the web portal, the order is automatically created in your software system. That goes for all the needed information to handle the order too. The customer fills in all the fields you require to process the incoming goods correctly. For example, you know what carrier type the goods are delivered on, how many articles the order contains, and any particulars of the products. Without your customer having to call your office!

The web portal in 3PL Dynamics is set up to be read-only. By integrating the web portal with the App Platform, your customers can do actions themselves. Like sending in orders. In that case, customers are automatically redirected from the web portal to the set up screens in the App Platform.

Timeslot booking

Besides creating new receipt orders, your customer can directly reserve a time in which the goods will be delivered to your warehouse. Or, in case of a shipment, when the goods are loaded. In that way, you prevent traffic jams before your docks. However, that does not only help your process. Your customers can use the web portal to gain an overview of the booked times and to plan their activities more efficiently as well. Win-win.

Follow orders closely

Like the colleagues in your office, customers want to know at what stage of the process the goods are. Is the order delivered? Is it in progress? Or are the articles already packed and shipped. With the web portal, you can provide your customers with an overview of the most recent order status.

Offer financial insights

Third, you can use 3PL Dynamics’ web portal to give customers an overview of all invoices. Centered in one spot. Here, you can distinguish paid and unpaid invoices, by setting up filters on the status. Therefore, your customer continuously has insights into his financials.

Score with the web portal

Do you use the web portal? Or will you offer it to your customers soon? Make sure your online platform stays workable. Also in the future. And give customers the self-service options they expect from you. Do you want to learn more? Mail to marketing@boltrics.nl.