E-fulfillment. Without a doubt, this has lately been one of the most often used terms among logistics service providers. Because, when the number of online orders went through the roof, the demand for handling the logistics of these orders increased proportionally. However, who thinks that this development is just something of the last year, and that this trend will blow over, is wrong. The growth in e-fulfilment already started way before the worldwide corona crisis. Furthermore, expectations are that this growth will only develop further.

More logistic activities from e-commerce each year.

As said, the growth in e-fulfillment is not just a trend of last year. In 2016, the revenues of web shops and the number of transported packages grow by two digits. And in the years after, this did not change. The corona crisis, however, did give this type of logistics a boost. For example, the revenues of Dutch web shops grew with more than 40%, causing the delivered packages to rise above the 500 million this year. In other words, it is high tide for warehouse activities and logistics in e-fulfillment and package delivery.

Merge of logistic knowledge and IT

As web shops outsource their processes more and more, logistics service providers can benefit from this. Therefore, more and more traditionally orientated companies move their attention to e-fulfillment. As logistics service provider, you have a mountain of knowledge which you can use to help your customers. Nevertheless, there are many challenges when you want to make an entrance in this specific branch. Processes often work slightly different as with the trusted pallet transport.

Orderpicking is key

One of these processes is orderpicking. In e-fulfillment, orders often consist out of small packages with just a small amount of articles from the warehouse. How you collect these orders is therefore essential to the efficiency of your process. Especially because order picking sometimes contains 60% of all work processes in the warehouse. Logistic knowledge alone does not suffice. You must choose a suitable strategy and align your systems with it. For example, are you going to pick per article? Or do you want to automatically assign orders to your warehouse employees?

Surviving in the e-fulfillment jungle

With a booming e-commerce business, everyone wants to get a piece of the pie. That makes sense! However, that also forces you to distinguish yourself and your operation in order to survive. This you can do by, for example, focusing on a niche or take on a specialty. Doing so, automation – or even robotization – is the distinguishing factor, because of the impact on the efficiency of your processes. Keeping up with technological developments can then offer your business opportunities compared to the competition.

From traditional service to e-fulfillment

In short, the growing e-fulfillment business offers you possibilities to expand your activities or shift your focus. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities to support your e-fulfillment activities with Boltrics’ 3PL Solution? Or are you curious what to pay attention to as a logistic service provider? Mail to marketing@boltrics.nl and get aboard.