Lockdowns, a shift in supply and demand, a booming e-commerce market – the world looks completely different than two years ago. I think we can agree on that one. Differences that haven’t passed you unnoticed. For you as a logistics service provider, this means that besides diversifying your exciting services, you had to smartly deal with the developments in the industry. For example, by adding e-fulfillment to your traditional warehousing portfolio.

In short, you have to switch to the next gear. But this gear does not only contain material changes. It also demands a change in the way you work: you will have to pick up the pace.

The economic, organizational and societal impact of the pandemic will continue to serve as a catalyst for digital innovation and adoption of cloud services,‘ – Henrique Cecci, Senior Research Director at Gartner

Be ready for tomorrow’s challenges

Picking up the pace also applies to Boltrics as a software provider. With a changing logistics industry, we have to respond to new technologies quicker, to make sure you are ready for tomorrow’s challenges with 3PL Dynamics. In other words, to techniques that make it possible to work in the Microsoft cloud, to use big data without any problems, and to effectively apply the gained intelligence from this data. Furthermore, the tools that help you adopt new software functionalities faster. Microsoft, and therefore Boltrics as well, pushing the public Microsoft SaaS cloud helps with that. Because, when you use the SaaS solution, you are not limited to quarterly updates. You can choose to update your software every month, or even every week. In that way, you can use the newest functionalities in your software faster.

Like rebuilding your truck from Euro 6 to full electric

In the past, I made the comparison with keeping your software up-to-date and updating an engine from Euro 5 to Euro 6. The recent changes to make 3PL Dynamics cloud-ready however, are in no way comparable to this engine update. They are more similar to the transition of an engine running on fossil fuels to electrical power. Therefore, our technicians have worked the past two years to make this transition possible and had to discover new roads. Because as you can imagine, a battery works differently than a combustion engine. We had to teach ourselves new ways of working and had to find new routines.

Renewed driving

Most of our customers already work with the newest version of Business Central. And for them, it meant they had to change as well. Looking towards the comparison with electric driving, then this is completely different than driving on fossil fuels. For example, you have to plan before you start driving: where am I going to charge the battery? How much am I going to charge it? Yet, just adopting electric driving does not cut it. Yes, you are ready for the future, but you are not quicker from A to B. You probably had to hand in on the performance.

Keeping up with the peloton

That is exactly the reason why you need to change the way you work. It is not enough to just keep up with the technical innovations. You must regularly review your own processes, and try to find new ways to move forward. Furthermore, you do not want to depend on others. You want to be in the drivers’ seat yourself. With Boltrics’ solution, this is possible because it is set up to give you the ability to make adjustments or enhancements yourself. Without needing a Boltrics technician. That, however, does require people in your company, who are aware of the newest developments, who get trained, and who are capable to apply these developments in your organization. In this way, you can pick up the pace to keep following the peloton. Whether that is in the front or the back, that depends on your choice and maybe some timing.

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