To stand still is to regress. As a member of the Boltrics peloton, we do not have to tell you that. After all, you have chosen for Boltrics’ always up-to-date solution. But that promise does not end with your logistics software solution. In our organization, we carry out this philosophy as well. We keep renewing ourselves en innovating our processes with the goal to offer a better service to you as a customer. The latest result? A new customer portal. In the future, you will find multiple functionalities in this portal. For example, functionalities as support, request, update management and installations will be brought to this platform. In this first blog in the series about the new customer portal, we focus on step one of the transition: support.

Note: foreign customers will keep receiving support via the local partner.

Support via the customer portal

Starting now, support will be provided via the new customer portal. Before, you would send in a support message by emailing In the new situation, you send in a message via the online customer portal. The benefits? Now you have the possibility to send in messages more structured. Because of that, our consultants can help you more efficiently and you will be on your way in no time!

The benefits of the customer portal

Besides the way of sending in support messages, you now have a better overview of the open and closed tickets. You can easily see the status of a message (1), you can see in a blink of an eye which colleague in your company has sent in the message (2), and you immediately know what site it concerns by filtering on it (3).

Get started immediately

Do you want to benefit from the new customer portal? Discover in the video below how to create a support message in just a few steps.

The transition to the new customer portal

The new way of offering support is the first step in the transition to the new customer portal. To take this step as fluently as possible, our support division will contact you. After that, you can use the new portal. Do you still have questions after you are being contacted? Then, you can mail to Are you curious about what functionalities are added to the customer portal? And do you want to know how to benefit from it? Keep an eye out for our next blogs.