In the worldwide airfreight industry, there are over 30 different paper documents in use. Out of these documents, the Air Waybill (AWB) is best known. As a forwarder, you use the AWB on a daily basis. Though, chances are that you work more and more with the digital version of this document. Because already since 2016, the International Air Transport Associations (IATA) pushes the use of the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB). The goal back then was to have 62% of the air transport use the e-AWB. Now, where do we stand after five years?

Growing use in e-AWB

At the end of 2016, only 46% of the logistics service providers worldwide adopted the e-AWB. However, this percentage has grown continuously since. In October 2019, this percentage had already grown to 66% worldwide. This year May, the e-AWB percentage was 75%.

Over the same period of time, the e-AWB percentage in the Netherlands has grown as well. Where in 2017, the Netherlands came in tenth on the list with a percentage of 58,2%, in May 2021 it was placed sixth. In that month, the percentage grew from 80,5% to 81,8%. In other words, the digitization to e-AWB continues, both worldwide and in the Netherlands.

Communicate with airports via your logistics software

As you can see in the picture, also Schiphol is doing well compared to the other international airports with a fifth place. To be able to follow the transition to e-AWB, and to be able to keep communicating with airports as a forwarder, your software solution is of great importance. Especially the integrations with platforms. For example, for Schiphol airport, Cargonaut is the platform for exchanging information between you and all other parties in the logistic chain. The benefit of this platform: you only have to send your information once.

Integrate with Cargonaut

With the help of your 3PL Dynamics solution, you easily create an e-AWB that you can send quickly and digitally to customs, the airline, and the handler. Because of the automatic processing of FSU messages via the DataHub, the status of your shipments is transparent and you can focus on the exceptions in your process. By sending all messages complete and in time, you are compliant and your shipment is green in the e-cargo receipt portal of Cargonaut. In other words, with the help of your software, your shipment is ready for take off in no time.

More information about e-AWB?

Do you want to learn more about sending e-AWBs from your software solution? Or do you want to set up an integration with Cargonaut? Mail to and make sure you do not miss the digitization flight.