Boltrics releases a major release every year, but the technology hasn’t changed as much in the last 10 years as it has recently. The programming language has completely changed, new functionalities have been added – all available in the ‘Modern Client’. What does this entail, and what can you expect from us in the coming period? We are happy to take you with us.

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What is a Modern Client?
The Modern Client is web-based, which means that with the new version, you always work via your browser (like in Edge Chromium). Logging in to the Modern Client is done with an email address, instead of a username and password.

A new programming language

Microsoft releases a new version of Business Central every six months. On top of that, they have transformed the programming language “C/AL” into a new language “AL” within 2 years. Perhaps you can still remember one of our first messages about this at the beginning of 2019?

To prepare 3PL Dynamics for this new programming language, our colleagues have spent the past 2 years getting everything ready. So, you can switch to the latest version as quickly as possible and without any problems.

What can you expect from us in the coming period?

After this major update, there is no reason to sit still. On the contrary, the speed of digital innovations today is in top gear compared to a few years ago. Microsoft sets the course, and the Boltrics train continues to steam forward.

Roadmap: you’ve asked and we listened

Thanks to the input of our customers, we are working behind the scenes on the following actions that we hope to present to you soon:

  • New functionalities and interfaces
  • Quarterly or monthly update of your cloud environment
  • Automated upgrades where you can schedule your upgrade window
  • Automatically published release notes, including an overview of posted fixes

Stay up-to-date

To reduce the impact of updates, Microsoft accelerates the pace of updates. Underlining the importance of keeping our customers always up-to-date. Especially now. Microsoft is moving very fast. Only if we stay aligned with Microsoft’s pace of updates, we can assure future releases for logistics service providers.

More than 70% of Boltrics customers already work with the latest version of Business Central. Are you still using v13 and have not planned the transition to v18 yet? Contact our update team to benefit from the latest developments.

Note: End of maintenance v13 as of December 31, 2021

Recently, Microsoft stopped maintenance on v13. From December 31, 2021, Boltrics will also stop with this maintenance. Support from Microsoft and Boltrics is provided as long as customers stay current on a recent version.

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