During the major update from Business Central version 13 to version 18 and higher, it is important to test your processes thoroughly. However, it is important to keep an eye out for the next updates as well. For example, do you work with the cloud solution? Then, your systems will be updated every quarter. In this way, you will not fall behind on the peloton and you can benefit from the newest functionalities in 3PL Dynamics. Unfortunately, it can happen that after an update a function does not work the way you expect it to. Or that you receive an error message. In that case, you want to solve the problem as quickly as possible – and preferably without any external help. Therefore, we discuss in this blog three possible errors you may encounter after an update. In that way, you can solve these errors in no time yourself.

Update parameters

After an update, it is possible that a function works differently than expected. This can have different causes. One of them is the development of parameters. As you know 3PL Dynamics is continuously in development thanks to the input of our customers. Therefore, new setups can be added every once in a while. During the development of a specific function, it is possible that new parameters are added. By updating the parameters on the function level, you simply see what parameters have been added, which you may have to fill. How you can do this, you see in the video below.

My printer is not working, now what?

Previous to the update, you probably stated a certain prioritizing of what is important to test. Because of that, you can still face (small) surprises when you are live. For example, your printers may not work as expected. This can have different causes. You can find the cause of the error via the Data Integration Message List. By pressing ‘Show Error’ you then see what causes the error message, and you can act on that.

Update Job queue entries

Is a message not processed at all? And does it stay in status ‘NEW’? Then, it is possible that the job queue entry is not working. In that case, the message is not processed automatically. Do you face this situation? Check your job queues to see if these are still active. 

Need help with solving errors?

Can’t solve the error on your own? No reason to panic! Our support team is glad to help. Via the ‘Call Stack’, you can find additional information on the error message. This you can add to your support ticket. Our consultants then know exactly where to find the solution. In this way, you will be on your way in no time.