When you take care of the logistics processes for e-commerce companies, you face numerous new challenges. Challenges you did not have in traditional logistics. For example, customers may expect you to deliver the next day (at the latest), and no time may be lost during your order pick process. However, is the product delivered successfully? Or did you hand it over to the transporter? Then your work is done… right? Well, that is not correct. Because more and more customers expect you to take care of the return shipments as well. Another new challenge. However, it is one that offers an opportunity to distinguish yourself from competitors. So, how do you make sure of a streamlined handling of all the returns?

What is reverse logistics?

These days, sending back a package is as simple as getting bread at the supermarket. Does it not fit? Or is it not completely what you were looking for? Then the consumer can return the package without any extra costs. That is when you step in. Customers often expect you to handle the complete process of retrieving, inspecting, fixing, repacking, sorting and reselling returned packages. In addition to that, you must be able to handle the complaint registration and administrative tasks as well. All these VAL activities are called reverse logistics.

Reverse logistics: the unwanted problem for customers

As a logistics service provider, you face different logistic problems day after day. With this knowledge and experience, you can offer added value to your customers. Including in the process of returns. As customers see returns as a problem, and rather focus on sales, you can pick up these logistics activities without any problem. However, you must make sure that your e-fulfillment process supports the reverse side of this industry as well.

Registration is essential for a well-oiled return process

In e-fulfillment, the focus often lies on streamlining the order pick process, and shipping packages as efficiently as possible. In other words, on the forward side of logistics. Yet, in reverse logistics, you can still take a big step forward. For example, registering data of a shipment order in your WMS will help enormously along the way. You can do this with a serial number or a Unit Package ID. In this way, you can quickly process a returned package when it (re)enters your warehouse. Simply scan the package, and you directly have all the information of the order.

Discover in a nutshell all the possibilities of reverse logistics in the infographic below.

Streamline reverse logistics in 3PL Dynamics

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