ZPL Labels; they can make a difference for many logistics service providers. Therefore, you want to be able to start working with these labels without any problems. But where do you start? How can you benefit from all the possibilities of ZPL Labels? Simple! With your WMS solution. In this blog, we walk you through all the fields you need to define your ZPL layouts in your own 3PL environment. In short, an introduction in ZPL Labels!

General settings for ZPL Layouts

In your Dynamics environment, you can easily create and adjust labels. However, you do need to know what fields to fill in and what functions these fields have. In the video below, we go through the different fields one by one. In this way, you exactly know what fields you need for your specific label. Starting with the general settings.

Lines for ZPL Layouts

After having successfully filled in the general setups, it is time to proceed to the lines. On the ZPL label you can add different lines. All with their own type and their own value. In the video below, we introduce the fields on the ZPL Layout Lines.

In practice

Have you seen all the fields? Then you have the basics to start with you labels. However, note that there are many different kind of labels. All with different layouts, but also with different uses. As you have seen in the videos above, you can work with a SSCC label. An example of such a label, and the layout lines in 3PL Dynamics, can be seen underneath.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about using ZPL Labels? Or do you need help setting up the layouts in 3PL dynamics. Submit a request via our customer portal. Our consultants are glad to help.