Rutges Cargo Europe plays an important role in the storage and distribution of the corona vaccine. In addition to their transport services, the logistics service provider started offering warehouse activities 1.5 year ago. The brand new bonded ‘Good Distribution Practice’ (GDP) pharma warehouse has space for pallets of 2 to 8 degrees and pallets of 15 to 25 degrees.

To support the growing demand, also in the future, Rutges Cargo needed a future-proof WMS. The eye fell on the WMS from Boltrics, developed for logistics service providers.

The vaccination gateway of the Netherlands

As a specialist in GDP-pharma logistics, Rutges Cargo Europe has its own secure, state-of-the-art warehouse. The warehouse in Schiphol Logistics Park now has no less than 3,500m2 of ambient and 500m2 of refrigerated storage space available. “The temperature-controlled storage area will serve as temporary storage for incoming corona vaccines or outgoing vaccines that are needed elsewhere in the world,” says Vincent van ‘t Schip, Managing Director at Rutges Cargo Europe. “We are ready to streamline the expected large volumes of the corona vaccine. Together with the WMS from Boltrics, this will result in a win-win situation.”

Ready for the future

The 5,000m2 high-value, high-risk storage facility was already taken into use by Rutges Cargo before the outbreak of the corona crisis. The warehouse meets the highest safety standards. “In addition to our transport activities, we occupy a position with the warehouse that focuses on customs, high-value products, and pharmaceuticals. We are TAPA FSR-A certified, GDP certified, a wholesale pharma license, and AEO certified, which ensures safety and care.”

To effortlessly streamline all warehouse activities, a modern and future-proof WMS was needed. In addition to supporting the storage of high-value products and pharmaceutical goods, the WMS must also be able to guarantee the unloading activities concerning the rapid processing of incoming air freight plates. An essential part of the activities. For example, in one weekend, approximately 30 to 50 plates are collected, dismantled and immediately transferred as shipments via the warehouse or temporarily stored. “With Boltrics we are preparing for the future. We are ready for the next step.”

A breeze for Boltrics

“Due to Boltrics’ experience in temperature-controlled logistics, the available link with customs, and our warehouse managers’ previous positive experiences with their WMS, we chose 3PL Dynamics.” Thanks to its modular structure, the software offers maximum freedom of choice. For example, Rutges Cargo Europe will soon scan via the App Platform, they will give their customers 24/7 insight into the latest status via the web portal and they can communicate quickly and efficiently with customs via an EDI integration. The integration with customs and Cargonaut offers the possibility to automate communication to a large extent. As a result, Rutges Cargo can reduce manual actions as much as possible and keep errors to a minimum. “We have great confidence in the collaboration with Boltrics and I wish Rutges Cargo Europe the best partners to build a bright future with.”

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