For some time now, we are flushed with news about takeovers in the logistics industry. One company after the other is taken over by a bigger club. All with different underlying reasons. For example, the business turns out to be too small to survive in a volume market. Or the business has no succession and wants to ensure its employees of a job in the future. Maybe the business that is taken over has an interesting service package, or an interesting clientele. There are lots of reasons possible. But the fact that big companies are orientating on consolidation, focusing on complete supply chain services, is undeniable. What does this mean for the small and medium-sized enterprises and the familial logistic businesses?

The strength of small operations

As the world turns, it is developing. Technical developments follow up each other at rapid pace. Fact is that big fish search for other big fish to school together. That means that big logistic companies will watch all new takeovers with satisfaction, because that means that volume can keep determining the price. In transport, as in warehousing. However, there are also chances for the small and medium-sized businesses. At least, if you can live up to the wishes of the companies which appreciate the flexibility and effort of these businesses.

Flexibility is key

This effort is a given service in any SME or familial company. However, effort is different from being flexible. Flexibility does not only mean realizing every customer request, at any time of the day. Being flexible means being able to live up to the wishes of information provided to and interact with your customer. Preferably based on a software platform that offers the latest technological possibilities, in order for your customer not to worry about that.

Technical expectations of your customer

The time of Excel sheets is over. That may be clear. Besides the logistic activities, in the future, customers will demand more of you in EDI (and API) communication. Most customers still do this themselves. However, these customers will expect you to take over these services for them in the future. And with all developments in e-commerce, this moment is closing in rapidly. That means chances for you!

Support your processes with logistic software

With all the rapid technical developments, you do not distinguish yourself from the competition by only having a nice truck combination, or a beautiful office and warehouse. You will have to support your logistics activities with a matching software system. Only in that way, you can support your processes and fulfill wishes in communications – both in EDI, as in data and analysis. An investment that is a must-have to distinguish yourself in the valiance of all big companies. Because what will it cost you if you cannot live up to the demands of customers that now are your A-customers. And how do you recruit new employees, who are only use to work with modern technology? How can you optimize your business process, not to do the same with less, but to do more with the same workforce? And how do you keep the option open to expand your warehouse activities with for example transportation, e-fulfillment, or Customs?

Be flexible with Boltrics’ 3PL solution

Whatever vision your business has, with the logistic solution Boltrics created you are ensured of a software system that can provide the flexibility and supports the flexibility to your customers. A branch specific solution, focused on the future, that boosts your quality as a small or medium-sized business. Because with the input of more than 180 customers, the standard solution is full of existing logistic functionalities you can benefit from. Do you want to know more about the logistic software? Mail to I gladly tell you more in a face-to-face conversation.