Hold on tight, because we got you on that one. As a logistics service provider, you have a lot on your mind. And though you have probably posted numerous sales invoices on Dynamics 365 Business Central, it might be the first time that you face yourself with a wrong sales invoice that has already been posted. It is likely that you – or perhaps a colleague of yours – have posted an invoice with the wrong services, quantities, or perhaps invoiced the wrong customer. Let us walk you through a couple of solutions on how to credit a booked invoice and correct the invoice as soon as possible.

Use the Copy Credit/Debit Lines Functionality

If for some reason you need to invoice a customer other than the one you already invoiced, this video is for you. This is an easy task to accomplish with our copy credit-debit lines functionality. Check this out in the video bellow.

Copying an existing invoice

Perhaps you need to create an invoice similar to one you already have in your system. With the Copy Document functionality you can quickly copy an existing invoice.

Negative sales invoice

Do you want to manually create a negative invoice (or should we call it a credit invoice?)? That is easily done with the help of the following steps. Perhaps you can even use the invoice you copied in the video above to create the negative document lines.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

With the options above we have shown you that you do not have to panic when you send an incorrect invoice. With a few steps you will be able to correct your mistake. But as the old saying tells, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Would you like to know more about the financial possibilities of 3PL Dynamics and how to prevent such a problem? Do not hesitate to contact us and discover the possibilities of our software.