The logistics sector is constantly changing. A user-friendly and reliable IT solution is, therefore, essential in order to keep up with the changes in the logistics market and to meet the increasing customer demands. However… In the field of IT, developments are almost impossible to keep up with. It goes without saying that you, therefore, want to invest in an IT solution that is future-proof and that moves with the times and (customer) wishes, so that you do not have to invest in a new solution every three to five years.

Are you looking for a suitable software solution for your logistics processes? Is your current software outdated and is a re-implementation awaiting? Maybe you no longer want to be dependent on your software supplier, or your solution no longer meets the requirements of you and your customer? Then it’s time to explore and compare your logistics software options. The first consideration you have to make: do I choose for custom or a (branch) standard solution? Where custom software fits seamlessly with your personal preferences and processes, a standard solution can be quickly put into use. With a well-maintained standard solution, you as a customer are even always included in the latest technology and you remain ahead of the competition. Who decides whether the standard includes the right functionalities? And what price tag is attached to it? In this blog we list the advantages for you.

Custom software vs. standard software

Making a good decision starts with a good understanding of the benefits. In addition, it is important to check with yourself, which benefits do I find important? Low costs, being able to continue a growth ambition or being able to easily keep up with the developments in the field of IT? We have listed the advantages of both options for you below.

Custom software

Custom software is a software solution customized and programmed to fully meet specific needs. The advantages:

1. Focused on the organization: With customization, you decide what the solution will look like. You start from scratch and from there a solution is programmed to meet your specific needs.

2. Scalable: Custom software is developed to match your processes. This allows you to determine yourself how extensive your processes will be and therefore how big or small your software will be.

3. Structured: All functionalities in custom software are relevant to your business processes, making the options and functionalities structured.

4. Preservation of existing working methods: As mentioned before, customization offers a lot of flexibility. You can therefore fully adapt the software to the existing working method of your team, which can shorten the training duration and adoption period of a new system.

Standard software

Standard is an out-of-the-box software solution where all business and logistics processes are standard integrated into the software. The advantages:

1. Save some pennies: Standard software is cheaper than custom work. For example, development costs are brought to a minimum. In addition, you spend far less on the maintenance of your software and you do not have to invest again every few years.

2. No worries about outdated software: For a software supplier it is much easier to provide standard software with the latest features. That way you are guaranteed of new updates and releases.

3. Quality and support: In the unlikely event that you run into problems during use, it is easy for the supplier to solve. They know the solution inside and out and can get you easily back on track.

4. Quick to use: A standard solution is ready to use without much fuss. All you need to do is tune the right configuration to ensure that the solution meets your specific needs. As a result, the implementation time can be kept as short as possible.

Best of both worlds: the hybrid solution of Boltrics

Of course you would prefer to make as little costs as possible, but at the same time you also want a system that fits well with your processes. In terms of costs, you therefore prefer to choose for a standard solution, but to meet all your wishes and requirements you tend to pick customized software. Luckily, thanks to a unique concept, you can also combine the advantages of standard software and the luxury of customization. Boltrics offers with 3PL Dynamics a hybrid solution in which every process can be flexibly configured. Currently, 200+ customers have a standard software solution, but at the same time 200+ different company-specific configurations. For each organization, unique workflows, extra fields and reports are defined. Actually, quite a bit of customization.

Software for and by logistics service providers

If you decide for the hybrid solution from Boltrics, you will immediately receive a fully developed package specifically for logistics service providers. As an organization, your company is of course not the same as all those others. But in terms of software needs, your situation often matches that of your colleagues from the sector. Together with the logistics sector, we are continuously building on the branch standard: a modular solution of which you determine what you use. In this way, each other’s knowledge is benefited, instead of every logistics service provider having to reinvent the wheel. Our software contains all industry specific functionalities you could wish for. Costly and lengthy custom-made processes are no longer necessary. No endless implementations with high risks. What you get is a complete and quick to implement WMS, TMS and/or Freight Forwarding system that is made for you. The software connects seamlessly with the processes and roles in your company. Why should you develop customization if the industry specific software already provides it?

Curious about what Boltrics has to offer?

Who decides whether the standard includes the right functionalities? You, of course! Feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to show you the flexibility and possibilities of our software.