Ede, 22 June 2017 – Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics implements Boltrics’ warehouse management system (WMS) to further optimize its warehouse processes and support unlocking data.

The transport and warehousing company is specialized in storing, repackaging and packaging, impact and discharge of hazardous substances. The company offers storage facilities for hazardous substances as well as harmful goods.

To fully support the warehouse processes it appeared that the current solution was outdated and could not meet the needs of the logistics service provider. For this reason, Van Appeldoorn started a selection project to acquire a new WMS package. The choice has fallen on Boltrics’ 3PL Dynamics business solution.

With Boltrics’s WMS solution, Van Appeldoorn’s warehouse processes will be optimized and they can use an RF solution. This makes it possible to register information from barcode scanners directly into the WMS. Preventing duplicate (administration) work and reducing errors. In addition to the WMS, the Value Added Logistics (VAL) module is also taken into use, ensuring that packing and other VAL activities are fully supported and registered and full track and traceability are guaranteed.

Marianne van Appeldoorn, Co-Owner of Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics: “Unlocking and bringing data together in one location is becoming increasingly important. Real-time insight into inventory is essential for our own business, but also a requirement to be able to provide our customer with information. Our current WMS solution could partly support our processes and did not provide the ability to meet new requirements. With Boltrics’ WMS, we benefit from the benefits of an industry standard, but at the same time it offers the flexibility to implement our company-specific processes.”