In the midst of the hectic pace of the coronavirus, logistics service provider Trans-Imex went live with Boltrics’ WMS solution. A go-live that took place completely remotely from the (home) workplaces of colleagues from Trans-Imex and Boltrics. Fortunately, that was not a problem at all thanks to the SaaS application that is fully hosted in Microsoft’s cloud.

Trans-Imex has been active in transport and logistics services since 1999. In their modern warehouse in Veghel, they have space for 16,000 pallets and supply many distribution centers in the Netherlands, including JUMBO, Daelmans and Udea. Until recently, this went without the use of scanning. But due to the increasing dynamic and the desire of customers to communicate via EDI, the logistics service provider decided that it was time for a new WMS with which they can take the next step in automation.

Improving the leadtime

The organization started looking for an easy-to-use WMS. One of the selection criteria was the ability to introduce smart warehouse strategies that allowed them to keep processes as simple as possible to keep the leadtime high.

During the first conversations with Boltrics, it appeared that the application contains all the functionality that Trans-Imex needed without the necessity of custom applications. From now on, they can scan articles with the latest HTML technology at lightning speed and customers automatically receive a status update about their orders thanks to the EDI connection. The same applies to the management of the software. One of the advantages of “Software as a Service” is that Trans-Imex doesn’t have to worry about managing the solution or performance. The software is – as the name suggests – used as a service.

Luc Versantvoort, Keyuser at Trans-Imex: “Due to the governmental restrictions linked to the coronavirus, the implementation process went slightly different than planned. But despite the hectic and unusual period, together with the Boltrics team, we made sure that we could go live with the WMS application without any problems. Instead of supervising the go-live with the complete implementation team from our site in Veghel, it took place partly from Veghel and partly from the living rooms of the various parties involved. Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp turned out to be an ideal solution and ensured that the go-live went smoothly.

Now the basic functionalities are in place, we can focus on how we can further optimize the processes. For example, the automated start of counting actions with cycle counting.”