Flexible, modular, effective, efficient, future-proof, always up-to-date and continuously improved. Some requirements that TransHeroes’ new IT solution had to meet. And not only for warehousing but for all logistics activities. From warehousing to transportation till air to ocean freight. In order to achieve this, TransHeroes works with Boltrics’ branch standard.

Look beyond your horizon

A new name. A new building. And a company structure with which they can answer all logistical challenges. Clearly, TransHeroes is undergoing a huge transition. But the logistics service provider also understands the value of IT.

Jan Dekker, COO at TransHeroes: “We needed a software solution with which we are assured of the latest technology. Not only right now, but also for the next ten years. So that we can always keep up with the wishes of our customers. However, with many software vendors, we felt that the system might be sufficient for the short term, but it would not be developed at the right pace and level.”

Pull up together

TransHeroes noticed that they were not the only one who faced problems in terms of warehouse and transportation management systems. Together with three other parties from the region, they shared their challenges with Boltrics.

“After the first time we met Boltrics, we immediately saw the advantages of Boltrics’ branch solution compared to our current system. It gives us the opportunity to place our total services in one system – without the different divisions losing their own identity,” says Jan.

TransHeroes is divided into business units where each component has its own specialism. Personal and engaged, but still the overarching power of an all-round logistics service provider. Since a new WMS is indispensable for the further growth of TransHeroes, they have decided together with Boltrics to implement this first as part of the complete transition to the total solution including Transport, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Customs, and Finance.