Since the beginning of this year, TransHeroes has been using Boltrics’ WMS module. This enabled the Dutch logistics service provider to realize a major digitization drive in the warehouse. The desire is to have all departments and entities of TransHeroes | Smart Logistics Group seamlessly connected. Therefore, TransHeroes also came to Boltrics for Transport. As a result, the logistics service provider recently invested in the TMS module.

Transition of the organization (structure)

Earlier this year, it became known that TransHeroes, six fold winner of the prestigious FD Gazelle Award, is going through a huge transition. The roll-out of new logistics services is part of this transition. But it does not end there. The management also has a turnaround. For example, there is a desire to fully integrate all entities within the organization. Flexibility and efficiency  by using future-proof, always up-to-date and modular software are required for this. Because anyone who wants to change must have resources that are resistant to change.

Future proof integration

A very important part of the transition is integration. Integrating the various business units, but also integration with third-party applications, for example. Internal alignment is a prerequisite for optimal service provision. This allows each individual entity to draw information from the same date source, to optimize processes at customer level based on analyzes. By aligning Boltrics’ TMS with the WMS, this has already been achieved for these two components. In Boltrics’ DataHub, TransHeroes found the ideal solution for the integration part. With this collaborative platform, TransHeroes organizes, manages, shares and processes data from third parties and vice versa.

In addition to the integration part, TransHeroes also made the requirement to determine the conversion options for each business relation. Some customers work with cubic meters, others with EURO pallets or with load meters. For this demand, Boltrics’ developers created the load meters functionality. This saves a lot of calculations per order and thus gives the all-round logistics service provider a huge efficiency boost. The load meter functionality will be – like all other new functionalities – available for all other Boltrics customers. Because of this way of working, everyone profits of TransHeroes’ insights and all connected customers keep a future proof solution.

Great in personal contact

Even though TransHeroes is in a transition, the company is still close to their core values. Edwin Asveld, CEO at TransHeroes: “Despite the solid growth phase we are currently in, our most important pillar remains the personal contact with our customers. Proactive communication, digital integration of third-party applications and real-time insight into orders are crucial for this. That automation and personal communication would not go together is a misconception. The TMS and WMS from Boltrics make personal contact even more possible because of automation.”