On 2 March 2015, Tieleman Transport Kloosterzande, went live with 3PL Dynamics. The old WMS system has been replaced by the WMS part of 3PL Dynamics. The WMS – 3PL Dynamics –
has been extended with the customs declaration module (APD) and an interface with the existing TMS system.

Tieleman Transport was founded in 1922 and is based in Kloosterzande (the Netherlands). With 75 trucks and 25,000 m² of warehouse storage, Tieleman Transport provides storage and distribution in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. The most diverse goods are stored and transshipped; food, non-food, pharmaceuticals, (harmless) chemicals, bulk cargo etc. For continuing serving their customers in the best way, new WMS software was required.

WMS – 3PL Dynamics

For Tieleman Transport, 3PL Dynamics contains all the essential elements of a public warehouse, such as: inbound, outbound, (picking and full pallets), storage of goods, blocking goods, billing and reporting. In short; all the necessary registration and support of public warehouse processes. JetEssentials is implemented for generating customer-specific reports.

WMS and customs declaration – APD

For Tieleman it was important to enter goods under customs control, including the corresponding registration of data in 3PL Dynamics. With the module Customs Declaration, it is possible to make a an administrative separation between customs goods and non-custom goods. With the module ‘Automated Periodic Declaration (APD)’ Tieleman makes a report on the stock turnover per period, in APD customs declaration format.

WMS interface with Roadrunner TMS

The running TMS system (Roadrunner) is connected to the new WMS 3PL Dynamics. Outbound-orders created in 3PL Dynamics are directed into Roadrunner as new files. Customerdata, product/order information and information about the expected number of pallets or boxes, is send to the TMS system, for transportplanning. Addresses in Roadrunner are synchronized with WMS with the EDI interface.