On May 9, Partner Logistics’ site in Wisbech (UK) went live with Nekovri Dynamics, Boltrics software for logistics service providers in cold storage logistics.

The warehouse in Wisbech is the second warehouse that has implemented the new system. Previously, the site in Gloucester already started using the new application. After Wisbech, the sites in Ypres (Belgium) and Bergen op Zoom, Bodegraven and Waalwijk (the Netherlands) are next.

Partner Logistics

Partner Logistics is specialized in automated warehousing and frozen storage solutions for leading producers, retailers and wholesalers within the frozen food industry. The company has six large-scale, state-of-the-art freezer magazines in the Netherlands (Bergen op Zoom, Bodegraven, and Waalwijk), Belgium (Ypres) and the United Kingdom (Gloucester and Wisbech). With a combined storage capacity of over 500,000 pallets, Partner Logistics supports the full supply chain for its customers in Europe with warehousing, transportation and distribution services.

“The partnership with Partner Logistics is of strategic importance to Boltrics because we have not yet automated these kinds of automated warehouses. With this project, we have proven that our standard industry solution can be used even in the most complex environments. It also proves that our fixed price, fixed time and always up-to-date approach work for both small and large logistics service providers, “said Jan-Cornell, Ekris, Commercial Director of Boltrics.

Implementation Wisbech

Partner Logistics Wisbech

The implementation has been successful and without any significant interruptions in the operational process. The project has been realized within only 4 months and within the agreed budget.
Peter Bryssinck, Implementation Manager at Partner Logistics: “We are very pleased with the successful completion of our WMS implementation at Wisbech. The new system is highly advanced and will play a crucial role in the ever changing demands in the cold storage market where Partner Logistics has to deal with.”

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