With a solid position in the Dutch top 5 e-fulfillment companies, Nic. Oud has become an established name. To reinforce their growth ambitions, they recently opted for Boltrics’ WMS.

Growth ambitions require a new WMS

Every day Nic. Oud supports retailers – from large to small – in the field of e-fulfillment. Something they good at and where they want to keep on growing. In other words, a healthy company with strong growth ambition. However, they are aware that they can only make their ambitions reality if they can continue to serve their customers quickly and flexible. You need smart minds for that and access to the latest technology. They are not too worried about the first but when it comes to technology, the existing WMS turned out to be no longer the right match. In order to make the right choice, they called in the help of external WMS expert Jeroen van den Berg.

Smart picking routes and a flexible process setup

Every year Nic. Oud produces and ships more than 175 million packages per year in their warehouse of over 20,000 m². Large volume flows of shipments, often involving one package to one customer. In other words, large amounts of handling that have to be processed at a rapid pace.

No wonder that a new WMS solution that can seamlessly support their processes was high on their priority list. One hand to improve efficiency and to better support customer-specific processes. On the other hand to be able to reduce the operational costs by at least 15%. Simply by introducing more efficient picking routes and automating order planning. They found the solution in Boltrics’ WMS. Making it a piece of cake to automatically inform customers about the latest status via EDI links.

Coert Knijnenberg, Director Weblogistics Nic. Oud: “We attach great importance to sustainable cooperation. In the first place, the cooperation with our clients but also with quality partners and suppliers who complete our service. Therefore, we need a WMS supplier that matches with our organization and thinks along about the best way to incorporate customers’ wishes and processes. A partner that provides guarantees and support for continuity, operational efficiency and quality of service. We found that collaboration in Boltrics and their state-of-the-art IT software.”