Mark Huisman Logistics is fully committed to digitization in order to be able to work smarter and faster. That’s why they recently started working with Boltrics’ WMS.

MMark Huisman Logistics is active in transport, storage and transshipment and prove themselves worthy of the title of an all-round logistics service provider. In addition to knowledge, skills, and experience within the company, the founder Mark Huisman has a fourth important pillar: ambition. This recently led to the construction of a new warehouse in Nijmegen. But it does not stop there. In order to continue their growth, the logistics service provider decided to modernize all processes – from transport to warehousing. Once this was decided, wheels had started to turn and the entrepreneur ended up at Boltrics. Firstly, the WMS module has been implemented which will be followed by the TMS and Finance module.

Heading South on the digital highway

Mark Huisman focuses in particular on the transport of (partial) cargoes to and from Spain and Portugal. By bundling part-loads, favorable conditions apply, even when it concerns rush orders. In order to be able to continue to offer these rates, digitization was required. This is achieved in particular through the use of RF scanners. Goods that are stored or removed are immediately registered in the system after a scan. This significantly reduces handwritten notes and duplicate registrations. By working administrative more efficiently, they can reduce costs but it also allows the organization to invest more time in their core activities and their customers.

In addition to the cost advantage, digitization will also give them better insight into their business operations. The WMS, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, can be consulted via the web browser. Making it possible to view the stock status outside the office and thus inform the customer. For example, the logistics service provider is no longer bound to a fixed workplace. So it no longer matters where they are. Behind their desk in Nijmegen or from a restaurant in Spain or Portugal..

Express and execute ambitions

This step towards digitization fits perfectly into the trajectory that Mark Huisman has done so far. Mark Huisman: “Since I finished university, I have been involved in the operational side of transportation. A few logistics functions abroad showed me the strategy and the international character of the sector. Since then, my passion for transportation has only kept on growing. Today, digitization has become a requirement in order to stay in business. Our new warehouse together with the future-proof logistics software from Boltrics gives me the confidence we are ready for a new era. Not only the software but also the logistic knowledge within Boltrics helps me to organize my processes more efficiently. So I am very pleased with our cooperation.”