The distributor from Hardenberg, Lamberink Logistiek, is gaining business for quite a while now. They therefore expect to continue this expansion the coming years. At the same time, customer demands are increasing and the company from Overijssel wants to meet these demands, of course. For these reasons, the logistics service provider wanted a new TMS and WMS. Boltrics’ software solution seemed to be the perfect fit to their wishes and needs.

Realtime up-to-date information about conditioned goods

Lamberink specifically aims on conditioned goods. With these kind of products, expariation dates and specific product features are very important. Therefore, they wished for a new system that was able to give real-time up-to-date information about these things. After all, the customer expects the same. Until now, there was no system that offered these possibilities. And the demand kept on growing, when looking at what was coming. Boltrics’ WMS makes realtime information about the current stock is available, partly because of their RF Scanning module. The TMS will help the organization with all of the transport activities, like route planning. Because of the EDI-connector, digital communication with clients’ systems goes without any effort.

The web portal also leads to communication advantages. Lamberink gives their customers easy access to sellable stock in the warehouse, transport statuses or the last delivered expiration date. This will save the customer time to ask questions and on the other hand it saves Lamberink time to answer them. This way Lamberink gains efficiency with one strike. Now they can focus on gaining business again.

More breathing air because of automization and digital communication

Gerrit Lamberink: “We are very happy to show such a positive trend the last few years. We have access to 4200m2 warehouse in Hardenberg and business keeps on expanding. We want to keep on serving our customers optimally, so we recognized the value of investing in a new system. Automation prevents work needed to be done more than once and can reduce human mistakes notably. Besides, we do not have to answer customers’ questions all day long. Because of EDI and the web portal, they are always informed. Boltrics helped us finetune our processes with their system excellently and this way we can go towards the future.”