FrigoCare Rotterdam selected Boltrics’ WMS for cold storage logistics to support its WMS activities. After a 3 month implementation period, the system went live on April 4, 2016..


FrigoCare offers cold storage and related services in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and in Aalesund, Norway. Along with a specialization in containerized temperature controlled foodstuffs, they can assist their customers with container reception, border inspection, sorting, palletizing, (re)packing and (un)loading of various delicate cargo, mostly seafood, under EU-license.

The Rotterdam office is located in the center of the Rotterdam harbor, so that the conditioned containers of the seagoing vessels, mainly fish, can be processed quickly. FrigoCare Rotterdam can store 14,000 (conditioned) pallets sites in the warehouse.

Jan Bouman, General Manager at FrigoCare Rotterdam; “We have selected NEKOVRI Dynamics – Boltrics solution for the cold storage sector – because it fits seamlessly with our communication wishes with our customers and common Microsoft programs. In addition, the multi site option fits us very well and the software is very easy to use.”

Choosing for Nekovri Dynamics

FrigoCare Rotterdam has chosen the WMS of Nekovri Dynamics to support its WMS activities. FrigoCare wants to give its customers real-time insight into their inventory, shipments, bills, and invoices, and for its retail customers, a link with SSCC labeling and DESADV messages is required. For the import and export of goods, the customs module has been chosen, which allows them to report directly from the WMS to customs. With Nekovri Dynamics, FrigoCare can benefit from a software that is always up-to-date, allowing them to make use of the latest technology and developments at all times, without the need for a complete reimplementation.