Dynamic Logistics has decided to replace its own homebuilt WMS solution by Boltrics’ branch software to support the warehouse processes at several warehouses. The organization currently experiences a significant growth and as a result is confronted with the limits of their current system.

Dynamic Logistics, emerged from Rosendaal Textiel, has developed over the past years to a full service provider in the field of ‘store readiness’ within a wide range of consumer goods and the handling of logistics activities. Their service varies from encoding and assorting goods till the transport of goods and arranging return logistics wherein a precise inventory takes place of received returns.

From homebuilt to a standard WMS software

To meet the growing demand of the combination of production work and logistics activities, Dynamic Logistics own system appeared to be inadequate and the organization is increasingly faced with the limitations. To keep on improving their services, they need a powerful WMS tool that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.

Arthur van Benthem, Owner of Dynamic Logistics: “For the short term a homebuilt system can offer a good solution. However, with the growth that we currently experience at Dynamic Logistics it appears to be difficult to keep the solution up to date according to the latest requirements and desires of our customers. It requires a strong, steady WMS – with little or no customization – to further professionalize our organization. The choice fell on the WMS solution of Boltrics. With this branch platform – based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV – we no longer have to worry about the software and at the same time we are confident that we can utilize the latest innovations. “