With no fewer than six sites in the Netherlands, DL Logistics is an established organization in the logistics sector. And the company continues to grow enormously. Thus the need to work consistently and future-proof has grown. This is why DL Logistics recently decided to transfer the entire group to one integrated solution, namely 3PL Dynamics from Boltrics. First, the locations at Schiphol, Bleiswijk and Vlaardingen are being implemented. The other three sites will follow afterwards.

DL has been passionately active in the logistics sector for more than 20 years. Throughout the decades, DL has grown into a total provider of logistics services. They take care of the entire logistics process if desired. With such diverse processes spread over multiple locations, the risk of fragmented methods is present. DL was also aware of this and therefore searched for a completely integrated solution that could support all their processes. Fortunately, Boltrics could provide this.

Six locations, one goal, one method

The most important reason for the transition to a new software package was to create more unity in the working method. DL Logistics is one organization with one and the same goal: to serve the customer as optimally as possible. By streamlining the work processes, DL expects to gain better insights for operational management centrally. From forwarding to EDI integrations through Boltrics’ DataHub; DL now coordinates everything. They are not the only one who will experience the benefits, their customers will certainly benefit as well. They can easily access all relevant information without having to contact them.

Investment in a long-term relationship

In addition to streamlining processes, the future-proofing of the solution is an essential criterion. Transferring no fewer than six locations requires a considerable effort from the internal organization. It is not desirable that this activity should be redone after a few years, as is often the case with many IT implementations. DL does not have this risk. Boltrics’ solution is configurable on customer-specific processes and therefore all customers use the same, always up-to-date Microsoft software. So they never have to make a big investment to enjoy the latest technologies.

DL Logistics: “The most important motive for this transition is process optimization. And if you want to optimize processes, the first thing you need is insight into these processes. Because all our sites had different working methods, we did not have a central source of information and data. Making reliable analyzes therefore became a time-consuming matter. The plans we have made with Boltrics now offer a lot of hope in this area and thus we are very confident about this project, or, these projects.”