Ede, 1 March 2017 – BAS Group has set itself the goal of developing into an all-round logistics service provider. The organization wishes to distinguish itself by imposing on goods that require additional attention, such as chemicals, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, and foods. In order to create an optimal basis for their warehouse activities, the logistics service provider has chosen for Boltrics’ WMS solution.

The strategic priorities of BAS Group are to expand their warehouse, forwarding and distribution activities. They aim to contribute to a clean environment with sustainable logistics solutions.

BAS Warehousing’s strategy fits seamlessly with that of BAS Group. Mainly when looking at fulfilling the logistics needs of clients, warehousing plays a central role. To be able to unburden customers, BAS Warehousing must be able to prove its added value. An excellent workforce, a proactive attitude, striving for an extremely high quality and an up-to-date and standard Warehouse Management System form the necessary preconditions.

Stef Mol, CFO at Bas Group: “For our customers, their goods are the most valuable asset. These goods are their business card and revenue. By storing, monitoring and transporting these goods, we take great responsibility for us. In order to be able to do this, we have imposed a number of obligations to ourselves, the previously mentioned so-called necessary conditions. One of them is a standard, future-proof WMS. Our current solution could not provide this. With Boltrics’ WMS, built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, we are assured of an up-to-date system and gain access to the latest innovations. Now and in the future.”

About BAS Group

Bas Group is a logistics service provider of Dutch origin, providing services in the field of transport (road & rail) and logistics in the Benelux and southern Europe. In the near future, Bas Group wants to develop as an all-round logistics service provider utilizing their office located in West Brabant, located between the harbors of Rotterdam and Antwerp with growth opportunities in central and southern Europe. At the same time, BAS Group creates an optimal basis for an independent future of warehouse activities.