Last April, A.C. Rijnberg Transportservice opened their brand new warehouse in the Southwest of the Netherlands. Parallel to this development, the Dutch logistics service provider was looking for a future-proof WMS-solution. Because of the increasing customer demands concerning keeping up with their newest technologies like real-time information provision, a new WMS was necessary. To be able to provide good customer service in the future as well, A.C. Rijnberg recently replaced their current system with Boltrics’ WMS.

Responding to a changing market

A.C. Rijnberg’s history goes back for more than a century. Like many real family businesses, passion and loyalty are the organization’s drivers. Good customer relations and continuity are the result of these drivers. Because of short communication lines, the logistics service provider noticed that their customers’ demands were changing. Where before a weekly update per Excel was sufficient enough, different game rules apply today: customers ask for a 24/7 access to real-time, up-to-date information.

The family business found a solution in Boltrics’ WMS. With the RF-scanning module they will keep a grip on the logistics processes, resulting in sharing real-time information at all times. Next to that, the Connector module realizes an interface with the customers. This way they do not have to copy Excel-sheets and recurring tasks are in the past. This also prevents wrong input and creates transparency. With the complete implementation the wish to keep customers closely involved with the processes comes true.

More customer focus and efficiency

Robert Rijnberg: “At A.C. Rijnberg Transportservice, we are always looking for ways to improve and grow. With our new warehouse we try to meet the increasing customer demands and with Boltrics’ system we try to keep our customer focus. This does not only benefit the customer, but at the same time gives us more efficiency too. We expect that we will reduce the number of manual actions with 25% because of the connector module. For us it is also useful that the software is in the cloud. This gives us flexibility. Those are a few reasons why this investment is in line with our company philosophy.”