A smooth-running financial administration is of great importance for any business. That includes your logistic operation. Because, even though you mainly focus on offering a logistic solution for your customers, bottom line you want the correct numbers. Luckily, you can support these financial processes with a matching software solution, as you did for your logistic processes. This could be a separate accounting package. However, you can also do your books in the same integrated solution: 3PL Dynamics.

Integrate your financial administration with 3PL Dynamics

Besides the possibilities in 3PL Dynamics, it is possible that you prefer another application for your non-logistic corporate processes, for example, time management. No problem! An integration between these can easily be realized with the DataHub. Though, an integration is not always necessary.

Read in journal lines

When, for example, you only want to read in journal lines in your financial administration in Dynamics, you can do so with existing functionality. To realize this, journal lines are added to the Excel import tool. Therefore, you can easily import monthly payroll journal entries from another application. You then create a specific import once and import this entry periodically in just a few steps. In the video below, we show you the steps to import journal lines from excel in no time.

More information?

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