More and more companies are digitizing the process of ordering, sending, and storing information. Even in the field of communication, everything is moving towards a digital way of collaboration. As a result, your customers expect a seamless digital process from you as a logistics service provider as well. Offering 24/7 insight into the latest status of orders is increasingly the rule rather than the exception. Are you not able to offer your customer this? Chances are they will opt for your competitor.

Would you like to know how you can do more work with the same staffing, yet at the same reduce the number of manual actions and operate more cost-efficiently? Or do you want to meet the wishes of your customers effortlessly and show what you can do in terms of automation?

In 30 minutes, we share how EDI can help to simplify your processes and automate communication extensively, from order to invoice. Based on three practical cases, we demonstrate how EDI can work to your advantage not only for your customers but also for yourself as a logistics service provider.

Learn in 30 minutes how you can:

  • Improve the quality of your processes, such as planning and stock management;
  • Give your customers more insight into your processes;
  • Receive notifications of incoming shipments, transport and order confirmations, and any changes to the order quickly and easily;
  • Send damage notices, order confirmations, and inventory reports.

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