As a logistics service provider, it is in your DNA to provide your customers with the best possible service. That has brought you to where you are now. The focus on efficiency and communication has undoubtedly helped you with this. Because in addition to setting up your own processes as efficiently as possible, to deal with tight margins and ever-changing customer wishes, communication to your employees, customers and suppliers is just as important. This is the only way to stay ahead of your competition. As a software supplier for the 3PL industry, we realize better than anyone that you do not have time to answer your phone every day, just to inform your customers of their latest order status. Despite the fact that your customers may wish so. In addition, you do not want your drivers or scan employees to have to walk to the office for every glitch and so unintentionally slow down their processes. With Boltrics’ App Platform these time consuming activities are all in the past.

What is Boltrics’ App Platform?

The App Platform is, as the name suggests, an application for all your mobile devices, with which you give your employees and your logistics partners access to a selective part of your processes. For example, you can increase the service options to your customers, you can make the work of your warehouse employees easier and your drivers can confirm statuses directly. Furthermore, with the help of the App Platform you can speed up the approval flow of your invoices.

The App Platform in combination with your WMS

Due to the many functionalities, the App Platform is much more than a mobile application. It offers new opportunities for your employees, as well as for your customers and suppliers.


For example, your employees can use the platform as an HTML5 scanner during the order picking process or do a count of the stock directly with their smartphone. They can easily upload and connect photos and files from the warehouse into the system. For instance, in the event of damage, a photo can be taken of the damaged pallet and is then automatically connected to the correct customer card, item card or inbound. In short, with the ease of App Platform you reduce the chance of errors and your employees save time for other tasks of greater value.

Customers and suppliers

With the App you also improve the service to your customers and suppliers. Both you and your customers do not want to call your office for every order, reservation or delivery. With the App they can now easily book a timeslot or see the latest stock status. In this way you prevent your own employees from being kept from work by customer questions and you ensure that your customers feel “in control”.

The App Platform in combination with your TMS

Also in combination with your TMS, the App Platform can take pressure off your employees and give your customers the opportunity to arrange processes themselves. The application can for example be used as a POD app for drivers and they can confirm the delivery at the touch of a button. In addition, your customers can book a time slot so you avoid long queues for your docks. No matter in which way you use the App Platform in your logistics activities, you avoid double registration as the app is directly connected to your Microsoft Dynamics environment. In other words, the actions you take in the applications can be found real time in your TMS solution.

The App Platform in your operation

Do you want to improve your efficiency and are you curious about how you can optimize your processes? Are you wondering ‘what if employees could take certain steps themselves?’ Or ‘what if customers do not have to communicate their preferences, but can enter them themselves?’ With the App Platform, it is no longer just ‘what if’. Your employees and logistics partners can act directly themselves. In other words, you plot the lines and the rest goes without saying.

Do you want to learn more about the App Platform or how it can be of value to your company? Mail to and discover how you can take advantage of the benefits.