For years, we as Boltrics have implemented according to our Fixed Time, Fixed Price promise. This may even have been the reason you have chosen for Boltrics: you are live with your solution in only three months. However, these three months are quite intense. Not only for our consultants, but also for your organization and employees. That makes sense, because in only three months your processes are translated to a completely new system and your key users must be able to find their way in the new solution. To ensure that your project team has enough knowledge when implementing the solution, Boltrics has developed extra online courses. In this way you have everything you need for a jump start of your implementation.

Note: the online training videos are only available in Dutch. English version will follow soon.

The kick-off

The first meeting of the implementation may even be one of the most important ones: the workshop. In this workshop, or kick-off, the project team and the consultant go through all the logistics processes. Each of them will be looked at, discussed, and explained. Both happy, as unhappy flows. With this knowledge you give Boltrics the first information on which the system set up is drafted. In other words, the scope is determined, and you take the first steps towards a successful go live.

Prepare yourself

To prevent a false start, we share in the new implementation courses how to prepare for a successful workshop. With the right documentation, you make sure your foundation is rock solid.

Pre workshop training

To make sure it does not stop after only analyzing your processes, the project team receives three additional training videos in the weeks after the workshop. In these video’s, the team will get a first impression of the solution, and can directly start working with the master data. As project team, you learn how the role center is build up and how you can import your customers, customer items and locations in 3PL Dynamics.

The next step

With the input from the workshop, the consultant will set up your logistics processes in the new application. This, however, is no reason for you to do nothing. With the help of again three videos, each around fifteen minutes, you will learn the basic processes in 3PL Dynamics. You learn how to create receipt documents, how to book shipment orders, and how to send invoices to your customers. In this way, the basic processes will not be anything new for you and you can complete the implementation more efficient with our consultant.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about the implementation courses? Or are you curious how the training will help you throughout the implementation? Mail to or ask your consultant.