In recent years, the importance of using data in internal processes grew. When looking at the trends in 2021 and the expected, slow, recovery of the market after the corona crisis, the influence of data in your own processes will most likely even get bigger. Because, did your number of orders grew sky high? Or made your activities a free fall? In both situations you must set up your processes in the most efficient way. Only then, you can cope with the small margins in the logistic industry as well as the consequences of the current crisis.

Analytics Modules in 3PL Dynamics

As you may have read in my recent blog, you can easily use the data in your organization with the Analytics Essentials or Analytics Advanced modules. By using Analytics Advanced, you can get insight in the most important KPIs for logistics service providers. Or you can use the module Analytics Essentials to easily understand your real time data, directly from your 3PL Dynamics environment.

How does Analytics Essentials work?

‘Sounds good! But how does it work?’ In the video below, we explain how you can simply create dashboards in Analytics Essentials, and how you can use them. Find out for yourself!

More information about the Analytics Modules?

Would you like to learn more about Analytics Essentials? Or do you want to use the module in your own processes? Submit a request via our customer portal and take the first step towards working data driven.