As a logistics service provider you want to provide the best service to your customers. And are you a transporter? Then you are busy every day getting the right products to the right location at the right time. That may sound simple, but you know better than anyone that this is quite a challenge in practice. For example, you want to plan your customers’ shipments as efficiently and economically as possible, so that you increase your margins. That is why you always strive for optimal utilization of the fleet and maximum employability of your drivers. However, such optimized transport planning is easier said than done. Planners have to take all kinds of factors into account, such as the availability of equipment and drivers and, of course, the customer’s wishes. No wonder that sometimes you can no longer see the wood for the trees. A graphical planning tool offers you the opportunity to provide visual insight into all these factors and provides your transport planners the correct information to quickly and efficiently achieve optimal occupation. In this blog we share the possibilities and advantages of the graphic planning tool Dime.Scheduler for your transport planning.

What is Dime.Scheduler?

Dime.Scheduler is the graphical planning tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The graphics tool integrates seamlessly with Boltrics’ TMS and provides your transport planners with the visual experience that makes their work easier. Dime.Scheduler is completely web-based and offers a responsive user interface with drag & drop functionality. The planning tool provides insight into which shipments need to be planned, which equipment and drivers are available and how you can organize them as efficiently as possible. Planning your routes and shipments and assigning them to equipment and personnel becomes a piece of cake.

“When planning orders and shipments, the starting point is always to keep transport costs as low as possible, to drive on time and to monitor the quality of our service. Good insight is very important to realize this. Dime.Scheduler offers this graphical insight with which we can optimize our transport planning. ”
– Albert van de Ridder, ICT Manager at Jonker & Schut

The advantages of Dime.Scheduler

Using a graphical planning tool has advantages for your transport activities right from the first use. It provides a visual insight into your transport planning, speeds up your planning process and reduces the risk of errors.

“At Jonker & Schut we support all our warehousing, transport and financial activities with Boltrics’ integrated solution: 3PL Dynamics. Dime.Scheduler is a great addition to all this for our transport planners. ”
– Albert van de Ridder, ICT Manager at Jonker & Schut

1# Visual insight into your transport planning

With the help of a graphical planning tool you can easily plan and assign shipments. Various resources, such as your trucks, trailers and drivers, can be assigned to the task. Thanks to the visual experience of Dime.Scheduler, your planners get a clear graphical view of the transport planning and the planned trips. Is there a new order coming in? Then it is planned in no time.

2# Speed up your planning process

The graphical planning tool makes it easier to map out the fastest route and to combine trips. Instead of using different systems to get a clear view of the rides and locations, Dime.Scheduler allows you to view the routes on the map and combine them into one ride. Dime.Scheduler is integrated with your Dynamics environment, so that the journey is immediately visible in the TMS.

#3 Reducing the risk of errors

Thanks to the integration with your Dynamics environment, entering information in different systems is in the past. You prevent your planners from endlessly entering the same information over and over again and you reduce the risk of incorrect entries. This way, fewer errors are overlooked and it will not just happen that a driver is at the wrong address. In other words, transport planning not only becomes simpler and faster, but also less sensitive to errors.

Support your transport planning visually

Do you want to optimize your transport planning? And do you want to support your planners with a visual planning tool? Mail to and discover what Dime.Scheduler can do for your organization.