Recently, you could have read how the DataHub platform supports your customs activities, and how you can easily solve errors in this communication flow. The DataHub, however, is not only used for customs flows. There are many possibilities to connect different systems with EDI. And besides logistics information, it is also possible to exchange financial data. For example, with Exact Online. Integrating your software solution with these systems provides huge benefits in speeding up your business processes. However, when you unexpectedly come across an error, you do not want that solving the problem undoes all the saved time. Therefore, make sure that you can solve these errors in no time yourself, with the help of this blog.

Errors in the DataHub

In your daily business, it is possible that an integration in your processes gives an error. The cause of the error can be extremely diverse. After being part of Boltrics’ support team for five months, I can definitely agree with that. However, many error messages can be solved quite simply – also by yourself. You only need to know where to look.

Exact Online

An integration that is often used is one with Exact Online. In this blog, I will present a scenario in which the integration with Exact gives an error; a scenario which is not caused by a technical issue. In these cases, Exact Online almost always responses with detailed information on the interruption in communication. With this information you can solve the error yourself. However, where do you find this ‘response’? And what should you do next with the information? In the video below, I explain step by step how to find this valuable information.

I have found the information, what’s next?

After downloading ‘the response of Exact Online’ you can analyze the information in a similar document as you can find underneath.

Tip: use a tool as Notepad++ to easily gain insight in data files.

As you can see in this example, the error is caused by the VAT-code on the invoice. In the file you can see that the VAT-code ‘V2’ is invalid. Change this field in your Dynamics environment and your error is solved. Simple as that!

Need help with errors?

Do you receive an error that you cannot solve yourself? Or do you need a little help in finding the cause of the error? Then of course our support team is happy to help! Read how you can best send in your support ticket, to solve it as efficient and quickly as possible.
Tip: always add the XML-file of your error to your support ticket.